About us:    

  We have been married since 1999, live in Riverside, Ohio, and have always had the eye for photography.....especially capturing people and things in ways that others may not otherwise see.  We have been in business since 2011, and find that our utmost satisfaction comes from the reaction of our customers when they see the frozen memories that we take for them.  It is more than a business to us, but a passion and a something we enjoy doing for others.  If our photos envoke smiles, tears, and laughter, then we know we are doing something right!    

  From first contact til you get the disk in your hand, we strive to make your experience enjoyable and worthy of your time and hard-earned money. We are not the pushy salesperson-types, and we like to have fun during our photo sessions.  We encourage our clients to dress as they like, and be themselves, as your true personality will come through in your photographs.  To know that our photos are gracing the walls of many of our client's homes is an honor to us.       

  We do have a home studio that we take newborn and children's pictures at.  We also travel where you want to go for that perfect shot!  If you to go our locations page, you will see many of the places we have been to, and that does not include the places we have been for wildlife and stock photography, such as Panama, Florida, and Europe.

We are very affordable, yet produce high-quality work. We let our pictures and our interaction with our customers speak for themselves.  

Feel free to contact us today to schedule an appointment for a session today!